Best Price Golden Cassis AirEssence Diffuser

Golden Cassis AirEssence Diffuser

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Golden Cassis AirEssence Diffuser


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Golden Cassis AirEssence Diffuser feature 


Agraria AirEssence diffuses through three hand-made sola flowers. In keeping with the Agraria definition of “from the earth,” sola flowers, also know as balsa wood flowers, are natural and environmentally friendly. As the scented essential oils are absorbed up the cotton wick, the flowers become fragrant and change to the color of the oil. Golden Cassis: Fresh oranges and berries mingle with Cassis, fresh cut Rose, baby Jasmine petals, sheer white Lily and sprinkles of Lavender and Rosemary to create this calming contemporary fragrance. At its heart is Galbanum, an ancient spicy and earthy aroma associated with reducing stress and instilling feeling of comfort and confidence.



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